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Provenance and Pedigree Working Group Wiki

Welcome to the Provenance and Pedigree Working Group Wiki.


  • RFP within a couple of meeting cycles
  • Domain model
  • Service Model

Minutes from Last Meeting


Draft Agenda for next meeting

Burlingame, CA, 4-8 December, 2017

Monday, 3-5pm

  • Introductions
  • Review of draft use cases for Health Domain
  • Review of Use Case Template
  • Discussion of P&P RFP


  • 9 am Joint Discussion with MARS
  • 10:20 am Joint with Healthcare
  • 1 pm Joint with C4I


  • 9-12 Working Session (Tentative)
  • 10:30 Joint with ManTIS

Mailing list

Send email to the mailing list via (OMG member representatives only). To join the mailing list, contact: Adopted specifications

Adopted SPecifications

All OMG's adopted specifications, including all those sponsored by the Provenance and Pedigree Working Group are available at: Provenance and Pedigree related specifications will be issued through other Task Forces.

Work in progress

  • RFP for Provenance and Pedigree


  • John C. Butler, Auxilium Technology Group
  • Robert Lario, Visumpoint

How to get involved

If you are interested in getting involved with this group, want more information or would like to come as a guest to an upcoming meeting and obtain temporary access to the group's mailing list, please contact one of our Account Representatives or contact one of the Chairs.

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