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 ===== Co-chairs ===== ===== Co-chairs =====
-  * [[http://​​​​en/​​company.htm|Kenichi NAKAMURA]] [[http://​​​​top/​​en/​​index.html|(Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association)]] 
   * [[https://​​en/​persons/​takashi-yoshimi|Takashi Yoshimi]] [[http://​​en/​|(Shibaura Institute of Technology)]]   * [[https://​​en/​persons/​takashi-yoshimi|Takashi Yoshimi]] [[http://​​en/​|(Shibaura Institute of Technology)]]
   * [[https://​​en/​|Koji KAMEI]] [[https://​​e/​index.html|(JARA:​ Japan Robot Association)]]   * [[https://​​en/​|Koji KAMEI]] [[https://​​e/​index.html|(JARA:​ Japan Robot Association)]]
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