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 Back to [[http://​|OMG SE DSIG page]] Back to [[http://​|OMG SE DSIG page]]
 ====== SE DSIG Meetings ====== ====== SE DSIG Meetings ======
-**September 202018 OttawaMassachusetts ​meeting**\\ +**March 192019 RestonVirginia ​meeting**\\ 
-[[https://​​events/​ottawa-18/index.htm|Ottawa ​Meeting Information & Registration]]\\ +[[https://​​events/​va-19/index.htm|Reston ​Meeting Information & Registration]]\\ 
-[[https://​​events/​ottawa-18/​agendas/​SE-DSIG.pdf|No SE DSIG Meeting Scheduled]]\\+[[https://​​events/​va-19/​agendas/​SE-DSIG.pdf|SE DSIG meeting agenda-Reston-March 19, 2019]]\\ 
 +**December 11, 2018 Seattle, Washington meeting**\\ 
 +[[http://​​cgi-bin/​doc?​syseng/​2018-12-01|Seattle SE DSIG meeting summary-SFriedenthal-2018-12-11]]\\ 
 +[[http://​​cgi-bin/​doc?​syseng/​2018-12-02|Feature-based Systems and Software Product Line Engineering-Ckreuger-2018-12-11]]\\ 
 +[[http://​​cgi-bin/​doc?​syseng/​2018-12-03|Precise SysML Semantics Overview and Demo-YBernard-  
 +[[http://​​cgi-bin/​doc?​syseng/​2018-12-04|SST SysML v2 Overview and Demo-SFriedenthal-ESeidewitz-2018-12-11]]\\
 **June 19, 2018 Boston, Massachusetts meeting**\\ **June 19, 2018 Boston, Massachusetts meeting**\\
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