Smart Regulation Roadmap

Summary of work streams, business use cases/POCs smart_regulation_roadmap_v0.2.pptx

Smart Regulation Deliverables

SMART Regulation Matrix

  1. Latest working draft smart_regulation_matrix.xls
  2. SMART Regulation Matrix Analysis sri-matrix-analysis-0.4.docx
  3. SMART Regulation Matrix Terms sri-matrix-terms-0.1.docx

SMART Regulation Presentations given at external events

  1. SMART Regulation panel discussion document, Hudson Hollister hollister_slides_14_nov_2012.pptx

List of other key deliverables

Following is a list of key deliverables we have identified thus far.

  • Regulation and disclosure Life-cycle semantics matrix (Cf. SMART Regulation Matrix)
  • List of high value Business Use Cases by domain. Current focus is on Financial Services. However, Smart Regulation project is open to other domains.
  • List of applicable industry standards relevant to regulation and disclosures

External Links

  • Baldwin, Robert (2010) Better regulation: the search and the struggle. In: Baldwin, Robert and Cave, Martin and Lodge, Martin, (eds.) The Oxford handbook on regulation. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 259-278. ISBN 9780199560219
  • Baldwin, Robert (2005) Is better regulation smarter regulation? Public law, (Autumn). pp. 485-511. ISSN 0033-3565
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