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SMART Data Coalition

SMART Data Coalition, an advocacy group of business , data and IT experts from private & public sector, standards organizations and academics dedicated to turning ‘raw data’ into SMART Data , a business Asset that can be monetized.

What is SMART Data? SMART Data is a maturity level an organization has attained when:

  1. Data management professionals (SMART Data Professionals) are able to partner with business to help monetize their data assets for competitive advantage
  2. Business Semantics* of the Data, its life-cycle and usage in business processes are precisely defined and governed by the business in partnership with Chief Data Office and IT
  3. Data analysis alludes to previously unknown insights or ‘contextually accurate results’ about products, customers, partners, regulatory obligations…
  4. Data Assets can be ‘linked dynamically’ and conform to industry (and internal) standardized ‘Business Semantics’

Data + Business Semantics –> SMART Data

For background information on SMART Data please visit SMART Data Background

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