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An Example

This is just an example page to get you started. For adding your own page do the following:

1. Go into Edit mode in this page and copy the entire content of this page by selecting the entire content and doing a Control-C.

2. Get out of edit mode by clicking on the Cancel button below, and then select the Back to Forum button above to get back to the Forum Page.

3. Enter Edit mode in the Forum page and go to the bottom of the page and add a line that reads:

“- Your Title”

where “Your Title” is whatever title you choose for your contribution. Then get out of Edit mode by hitting the Save button at the bottom of the page.

4. You will see “Your Title” in Red. Click on that and a new page will open up. On that page select Create Page. This will open up an edit window. In this window paste the material that you had copied in step 1. The replace the string “An Example” near the top by “Your Title”. Get rid of the rest of the example text and instructions below. Now you are ready to start typing in your idea. When done just Save and you have just created a page with your idea on it that is linked to the Forum page .

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