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This wiki serves as a portal for the EMP RFP creation process. The RFP solicits proposals from OMG members for a standard dealing with Events.

Current Status

A vote for issuance of Event Metamodel and Profile: Request for Proposal has been delayed until the March Technical Meeting in Washington, DC. The reasons for this delay are:

  • Alignment with UPMS – The EMP RFP aims to dovetail with the standardization efforts for the UML Profile and Metamodel for Services (UPMS), especially within the scope of Agents. The current fragmentation within the UPMS effort has delayed the adoption of this standard.
  • CEP Vendor Outreach – Additional time will allow us to enlarge the pool of active participants in a submission team, especially CEP vendors who may not be fully aware of OMG’s efforts in this space.

The latest draft of the RFP is available from the OMG website as document number ad/2007-11-01.

An update presentation was given at two meetings during the OMG Technical Meeting in Burlingame, CA.

  • SOA-ABSIG, held on 12/11/2007
  • ADTF Plenary, held on 12/12/2007

RFP update presentation document

Resources for Getting Involved

Draft Proposals


The following companies have contributed input to either the RFI or RFP documents for this effort:

Aptsoft Axway BEA CA
CelExchange Colaborative Consulting Cordys Data Blueprint
EDS IBM Mega MetLife
NIST Oslo Software Rhysome Sandpiper Software

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