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Space DTF RFPs

The following RFPs are being developed for future publication. This list is in the current task force priority. There are many existing recommendations/specifications/standards related to the proposed RFPs, for example, SLE, PAIS, GMSEC, and DDS, but there is interest by the SDTF industry participants in a focused specification for interoperability of products and information exchange. Compatibility with existing standards will be addressed in the RFP, and are usually described in the RFP as a platform-specific model (PSM) requirement.

  1. Ground Data Delivery Interface: interface model for a Front-End Processor including encryption, providing/sending packets/frames Current working draft
  2. Satellite Operations Data Archive: interface model for satellite housekeeping telemetry and operations data archive
  3. Display Page Information Exchange: exchange model that describes grouping and formatting of telemetry items for telemetry pages
  4. Engineering Level Interface Specification: interoperability interface model for providing real-time telemetry and accepting command requests from ground system applications
  5. Alarm and Event interface: interoperability interface for publication of satellite and ground system related alarms and events to cooperating ground components
  6. Glossary of Ground System Terms: definition of terms for SDTF specifications and relationship to terms used in other space communities
  7. GMSEC Message Specification: message oriented middleware technology for building evolvable ground systems, probably RFC for existing technology.
  8. CubeSat Architecture Reference Model: SysML-based model for MBSE of a CubeSat System, probably RFC for existing technology
  9. Telescope System Architecture Reference Model: SysML-based model for MBSE of telescope systems
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