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 ===== Next Event ===== ===== Next Event =====
-The Space DTF will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday ​at the Nashville ​OMG meeting, ​September ​23-27, ​2019.  The Nashville meeting will include presentations ​and reviews of the initial proposal submissions to the CubeSat System Reference Model RFP.  The agenda ​for the meeting will be posted on the agendas link from the OMG Event web page.  ​There will  be updates to the agenda after the CSRM initial ​submission ​deadline on August 26, 2019.  ​The room block discount at the conference hotel is available until August 30th.+The Space DTF will meet online ​Tuesday and Wednesday ​during ​the Spring ​OMG meeting, ​March 23-27, ​2020.  The agenda ​and dial-in/web conference links for the meeting will be posted on the agendas link from the OMG Event web page.  ​Topics of discussion are: drafts for a Display Page Exchange RFP and Operations Archive RFP, NASA's core Flight Services, status of the SDTF specifications and the upcoming CubeSat System Reference Model submission.  ​
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 ===== Previous Meeting ====== ===== Previous Meeting ======
-The OMG SpaceDTF met in Reston, VA on March 18-19, 2019.  Here are the meeting highlights:+The OMG SpaceDTF met in Long Beach on September 10-11, 2019.  Here are the meeting highlights:
-**Space Spec Users' Conference**+**CubeSat System Reference Model submissions**
-The Space Specs special event on March 18th, was very successful, with 50+ attendees, many of them attending an OMG Conference ​for the first time.  Speakers ​and panelists from Amazon, Amergint Technologies,​ Boeing, Kratos RT Logic, L3 Technologies,​ NASA, NOAA, and Peraton ​provided ​some interesting insight into the changes happening in the space industry.+Reviewed the joint proposal ​for the CubeSat System Reference Model (CSRM) ​and provided ​feedback to the submission team to provide a revised submission. ​ The revised submission has been postponed until the Orlando meeting in June 2020 
 ** Future RFPs ** ** Future RFPs **
-The industry responses to the Command and Control User Interface RFI were discussed as guidance ​for defining ​the requirements ​for a Telemetry ​Display ​Page Exchange RFP or possible RFC of existing technology.  ​Requirements in a draft RFP for a GEMS 2.0 specification were discussed and a new draft will be considered ​at the next meeting.+There was a discussion of requirements ​for the draft RFP for the Common User Display ​Language to define displays that are portable across multiple vendors'​ satellite control systems.  ​A finalized ​RFP has not been produced, yet, but the work is important to NASA as it seeks to monitor systems from multiple vendors in its Artemis program ​for a manned visit to the moon in 2024, with continuing presence ​at a lunar gateway facility and on the surface of the moon.
-** Satellite Operations Ontology/​Glossary ​**+** KSAT Lite **
-The content and scope of a Satellite Operations Glossary was discussed. ​ We are limiting the scope to a set of standardized,​ defined terms for use within Space DTF specifications.  This was initiated ​by the US Air Force Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) initiative. ​ Staff from EGS requested definitions of common terminology to aid in satellite operator training, due to the differing, overlapping terminology used by different ​space system vendors. ​ These differing terms and differing definitions of the same term made the merging of the XTCE specification proposals into the published XTCE specification more difficult. ​ The current intent is to publish the glossary as a white paper for member guidance in new specifications.+Caroloyn Belle from KSAT presented information about their KSAT Lite services that provide cost-effective access ​to space assets ​for small satellite developers / experimenters.  This was followed up by a discussion about the SDTF goals to reduce ​the cost of space missions software ​and how they align with KSAT's interests.
 ===== RFIs/RFPs ===== ===== RFIs/RFPs =====
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