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The link for getting the software is

From there you go to “download from the software catalog” and log in.

Then you do a search. I found “by brand” with a filter of “Design and Construction” got me to a reasonable page. I selected Download Director (http only allows you to download one file at a time). Then open up the entry for RSA 8.0.1 Multilingual Multiplatform and select the first 9 files.

Once it is all downloaded, you have to unzip it into two folders called RSA and RSA_SETUP.

Under RSA_SETUP I went into the folder called InstallerImage_win32 and I ran install.exe. This apparently installed the latest version of InstallationManager. It didn’t seem to matter that I had an earlier version installed.

Then from InstallationManager I managed to install RSA – I had to point it to the repository.config file in the RSA-SETUP folder and the disk image in the RSA folder to get it to work.

Once I received the email that gave me a login for the license key, I downloaded that and used InstallationManager to install it.

I had some problems with firewall settings – it seemed that Java needed some ports opening on my firewall, and I think that may have caused RSA and installation manager to hang when looking for licenses.

Good luck – Steve

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