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The test suite shall cover instantiation semantics

  • A preliminary test suite for automatic instantiation of composite structures is available.
  • It is used to validate the instantiation semantics covered by the CS_DefaultConstructionStrategy.
  • It contains both structure and behaviors, and it executes successfully (No asserts fail)
  • It covers instantiation of composite structures in the following cases:
    • Instantiation of values for ports and parts
    • Instantiation of links for binary, assembly/delegation, typed connectors, expressed between parts/parts, parts/partwithports, partwithports/partwithports, port/parts, parts/partwithports
    • Instantiation of topologies of values and links which accounts for lower bound multiplicities of ports, parts and connectorEnds (resulting in Empty topologies, Unconnected topologies, Array topologies or Star topologies)
  • TODOS:
    • Review the asserssations to make sure they are valid / sufficient
    • Cover typed/n-ary connectors
    • Cover untyped binary connectors
    • Cover ports typed by interfaces
    • Cover multiple levels of hierarchy
    • Cover structure with inifine depth (e.g, A is composed of a : A [1] ⇒ make sure that it is detected and that parts are not inifinitely instantiated)
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