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     * <​del>​20130405:​ {{:​|}} (Papyrus model)</​del>​     * <​del>​20130405:​ {{:​|}} (Papyrus model)</​del>​
   * **SysML Test suite model:**   * **SysML Test suite model:**
 +    * 20130709: SysML Test Suite model {{:​|}} (Papyrus model) - Import it in your workspace as an "​existing project / archive file". Requires the Assertion Library model to be in the same workspace.
     * 20130405: Preliminary study from Yves {{:​sysml_ports_at_m0.pptx|}}     * 20130405: Preliminary study from Yves {{:​sysml_ports_at_m0.pptx|}}
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