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-====== The execution model shall provide a flexible mechanism for instantiation ​of composite structures ====== +.instantiation
- +
-  * Prototype implementation available +
-  * Based on an extension of CallOperationActionAction::​doAction,​ and introduction of a new semantic strategy: CS_ConstructStrategy +
-    * If the called Operation is a <<​Create>>​ operation, and it has no method, then the CS_ConstructStrategy is used to construct the composite structure instance +
-  * Using this prototype implementation,​ the Test Suite for instantiation of composite structures passes +
- +
-  * Issues: +
-    * How to properly determine that an operation is a <<​create>>​ operation?​ +
-      * Currently, the solution is implementation specific (Eclipse UML2) +
-    * How do we manage operation dispatching (i.e., a parent class has a constructor operation with a method. Should we execute it before performing default construction?​) +
- +
-  * TODOs: +
-    * When instantiating values for parts, the default construction strategy is systematically applied. +
-      * It should be used only if the type of the part has a <<​create>>​ operation, and this operation has no method. If it is not the case, construction should follow conventions of the Alf to fUML mapping for an instance creation expression. +
-    * Start classifier behavior of classes constructed for parts +
-    * Account for default values when instantiating values for parts+
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