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Presentation at OMG of Variability Modeling

Øystein Haugen from SINTEF and the ITEA2 project MoSiS presents a suggestion to standardize variability modeling for the OMG (Object Management Group) in Washington 25. March 2009.

Since the OMG standardizes such languages as UML, MOF, SysML ans SoaML the MoSiS project wants to initiate a standardization effort on the Common Variability Language (CVL) within the OMG. To start this process, Øystein Haugen is presenting the MoSiS approach to making a CVL at the ADTF (Analysis and Design Task Force) on 25. March 2009. He also demonstrated the prototype CVL Tool brought forth by the project.

You may click on the following links to run wink movies of the CVL Tool demo cases: demo1 and demo2.

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