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   * Click for further [[Variability Modeling Resources]]   * Click for further [[Variability Modeling Resources]]
-====== News items ====== 
-  * [[Presentation at OMG of Variability Modeling]] ​ by Øystein Haugen 
 +====== CVL Revised Submission ======
 +  * The submitters of the Revised Submission of Common Variability Language (IBM, Thales, Fraunhofer FOKUS and TCS) have decided to publicize the proposal freely as long as a note follows the distribution that this is just a proposal to the OMG and not yet a decided technology in any way. The **CVL Revised Submission** can be found {{cvl-revised-submission.pdf|through this link}}
 +====== CVL Mini Tutorial ======
 +During the VARY workshop (VARiability for You) at MODELS 2012, Øystein Haugen and Andrzej Wasowski conducted half an hour mini-tutorial of CVL. The slides are available here in pdf format. The mini-tutorial uses illustrations from the CVL Revised Submission where you can find more explanations to the different CVL constructs.
 +  * {{cvl-minitutorial.pdf|CVL mini-tutorial}}
 +====== CVL Tutorial ======
 +During SPLC 2012 in Brazil, Øystein Haugen and Andrzej Wasowski conducted a tutorial on CVL. The slides are made available here in pdf format.
 +  * {{CVL-1-TutorialAgenda.pdf|Tutorial Agenda}}
 +  * {{CVL-2-Motivation.pdf|Motivation}}
 +  * {{CVL-3-OMGRFP.pdf|The OMG Request For Proposal for CVL}}
 +  * {{CVL-4-Nutshell.pdf|CVL in a Nutshell}}
 +  * {{CVL-5-Realization.pdf|Variability Realization}}
 +  * {{CVL-6-Experiment-SINTEF.pdf|Early experiments at SINTEF}}
 +  * {{CVL-7-Abstraction.pdf|Variability Abstraction and Configurable Units}}
 +  * {{CVL-8-Standardization.pdf|Standardization of CVL and other related initiatives}}
 +====== Older items ======
 +  * OMG issued the CVL RFP on 12. December 2009. The issued RFP cleaned up can be found {{cvl-rfp-clean-ad-2009-12-03.doc|here}}. The official page is [[http://​​techprocess/​meetings/​schedule/​Common_Variability_Language_%28CVL%29_RFP.html|following this link]]
 +  * Presentation of the CVL RFP by Øystein Haugen can be found {{cvl-rfp-091209.pdf|here}}
 ====== Contact ====== ====== Contact ======
-[[http://​|SINTEF]] (Øystein Haugen) and the [[http://​​|ITEA2]] project [[http://​​|MoSiS]] are responsible for this initiative and if you are interested in joining the efforts ​(you do not need to be an OMG member), please contact us by filling out [[Contact page|this form]] ​and register for this wiki.+[[http://​|SINTEF]] (Øystein Haugen) ​organizes the Joint Submission Team and these pagesIf you are interested in adding to our wiki on variability modeling ​(you do not need to be an OMG member), please ​register for this wiki through the login in upper right corner of the page, and then you may contact us by filling out [[Contact page|this form]].
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