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Welcome to the Common Variability Language Wiki

This is a wiki for variability modeling intended to support the work to standardize a language for variability modeling in the OMG.

Variability Modeling is to efficiently describe more than one variant of a system. Variability modeling is often closely associated with product lines. The resulting systems are often fairly complex and variations are described explicitly. Variability can be expressed in stand-alone models, such as feature diagrams. Software Product Lines refer to methods, tools and techniques for creating and maintaining a collection of similar software systems from a shared set of software assets.

The intention of variability modeling is to create and manage many variants of a product, also known as mass customization. Variability modeling is regarded as the enabling technology for delivering a wide variety of software systems of high quality in a fast, consistent and comprehensive way. The key is to build a base on the commonalities and efficiently express and manage the variability of the systems.

Variability can also be described in annotations or extensions to the base model, or totally separated out to represent in an independent variability model.

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SINTEF (Øystein Haugen) and the ITEA2 project MoSiS are responsible for this initiative and if you are interested in joining the efforts (you do not need to be an OMG member), please register for this wiki through the login in upper right corner of the page, and then you may contact us by filling out this form.

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