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Final RFP issued by OMG

OMG issued the CVL RFP on 12. December 2009. The issued RFP cleaned up can be found here. The official page is following this link

Work on the draft RFP

On this page we shall collect improvement suggestions to the RFP text. Please take the last baseline and use track changes to show what changes you have made.

Baseline 0: Draft RFP from San Antonio

Baseline 1: Draft RFP with improvements from San Antonio

Baseline 2: Draft RFP with improvements from Kim Lauenroth

Baseline 3: Draft RFP with comments from Steffen Zschaler

Baseline 4: Draft RFP from Ø. Haugen and B. Møller-Pedersen We have tried to unify the different comments and suggestions by being more specific, but sometimes also shorter. Not all comments were exactly in the same direction, but we hope that this version will make it possible for all interested parties to submit against this RFP. Remember that the 4 week deadline is on Monday 9. November. We will on Monday make one more iteration if necessary, and send it to the OMG. We also plan to continue the work during the 4 week period until the OMG Technical meeting in Long Beach in December.

Baseline 5: Draft RFP with comments by Krzysztof Czarnecki

Baseline 6: Draft RFP with comments by Aitor Aldazabal

Baseline 7: Draft RFP synthesized by Ø. Haugen and B. Møller-Pedersen This version will be sent to the OMG at 1400 (American) Eastern Time / 2000 Central European Time. Please speak up if you see something that must be changed.

Baseline 8: Draft RFP sent to OMG This last baseline has only a minor amendment due to critics from Eran Gery.

Telecon 091119: Minutes

OMG Architectural Board Review by Manfred Koethe: AB Review

Baseline 9: Iteration by Haugen/Møller-Pedersen as response to AB Review

Review by AB-elect Steve Cook: Review

Baseline 10: Result directly after the CVL WebEx meeting 091203. The changes from Baseline 8 is still in Track Changes. The changes from Baseline 9 are:

  • Modifications on the first bullet point on first page initiated by Eran/Ran/Julia
  • Similar change to one sentence in 6.1
  • Addition to the first sentence of 6.2 suggested by Steffen
  • Moving last bullet point of 6.5.3 to Optional Requirements after a long debate
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