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 APIs for query support [[start|Link to API4KB Main Page]] APIs for query support [[start|Link to API4KB Main Page]]
-   * Determining service ​capabilites +   * Ask, tell ...? queries with side effects? ​ what do you do with inferred knowledge based on the query (post it, not)? 
-      * Determine which "​semantic profiles"​ (e.g. OWL 1.1 Full, EL, RL, QL, Common Logic, RDF Inference, ...) the service recognizes +   * Read-only (boolean - can/​can'​t satisfy, or extract if available) 
-      * Determine which formats the service recognizes +   * Read-write API (i.e. with side effects that can update the KB) 
-   * SPARQL is only one option +        * Inform -- write something to the KB, but only commit if consistency is preserved (flag) 
-   * Need to evaluate other possibilities +        * Inform/​reason/​query -- write something to the KB, reason over the KB, query to get revised results 
-      * graph query language +             * Hypothetical reasoning -- inform/​reason/​query/​rollback 
-      something like OWLQL +             * Or without rollback, meaning commit the results, but only if consistency is preserved 
-      etc.+   * Service discovery (e.g. query to a portal for services pertaining to a certain subject) 
 +   * Determining service ​capabilities 
 +      * Determine which "​semantic profiles"​ (e.g. OWL 1.1 Full, EL, RL, QL, Common Logic, ​%%RDF%% Inference, ...) the service recognizes 
 +      * Determine which formats the service recognizes ​(e.g. %%RDF%%/​%%XML%%,​ %%RDF%%/N3, ...) 
 +      * Determine which query languages are recognized (e.g. SPARQL, ​graph query language, OWLQL, etc) 
 +   ​Response should address which, if any capabilities are mandatory, optional 
 +   ​Response should address consistent naming - declare which URIs will be used to identify capabilities
 +Most of these APIs may require various compliance levels, so that people can support read-only, or inform but not inform/​reason/​query,​ or not hypothetical reasoning ... etc.
 +===== Questions =====
 +   * Enter questions here
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