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APIs for query support [[start|Link to API4KB Main Page]] * Ask, tell ...? queries with side effects? what do you do with inferred knowledge based on the query (post it, not)? * Service discovery (e.g. query to a portal for services pertaining to a certain subject) * Determining service capabilities * Determine which "semantic profiles" (e.g. OWL 1.1 Full, EL, RL, QL, Common Logic, %%RDF%% Inference, ...) the service recognizes * Determine which formats the service recognizes (e.g. %%RDF%%/%%XML%%, %%RDF%%/N3, ...) * Determine which query languages are recognized (e.g. SPARQL, graph query language, OWLQL, etc) * Response should address which, if any capabilities are mandatory, optional * Response should address consistent naming - declare which URIs will be used to identify capabilities ===== Questions ===== * Enter questions here

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