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The Private section of the IEF Wiki contains information about the status, development and internal workings of IEF.

Contact all Council Members : email all IEF Members


How to have Discussions

It is possible to add a discussion section on any page on the WIKI if you have the correct privileges.

By including the ~~DISCUSSION~~ instruction in your wiki page, a discussion section will be appended after the normal wiki page content. To turn it off again, use ~~DISCUSSION:off~~. If you want to show the existing discussion but don't want to allow new comments / replies, use ~~DISCUSSION:closed~~.


A custom title can be appended after the separator |.

~~DISCUSSION|Custom Title String~~
~~DISCUSSION:closed|Custom Title String~~

After each comment in the discussion section there may be up to three buttons (depending on your rights):

Reply - to reply to a comment (vs. commenting on the wiki page content), click the Reply button. The comment entry form will then be placed accordingly.
Edit - Registered users can edit their comments; admins can edit all comments. To remove a comment, just edit it, clear the text and save the empty comment – like you would do with a wiki page.
Delete - Registered users and admin all comments.
Attention - If there are replies to a comment, removing it will also remove all replies!
Hide / Show - Admins can deactivate and reactivate comments easily by this button. Hidden comments aren't shown to normal users and are displayed dimmed to admins. Registered users can only hide their own comments.
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