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 ======= Frequently Asked Questions ======= ======= Frequently Asked Questions =======
-**FAQ - How do I apply the suggested template to my new WIKI page?** 
-  - Create a login username and password for yourself. Go to the address [[http://​​MBSE/​doku.php?​id=core:​editing&​do=register]] to do this. 
-  - Login to the WIKI 
-  - Open the template page found at [[MBSE Wiki Team Template|http://​​MBSE/​doku.php?​id=core:​mbse_wiki_team_template]]. Click on the edit button. Select and Copy the template. Cancel the edit of the template page by clicking on the cancel button. 
-  - Open your new page and click on the edit button. 
-  - Paste the template into the edit area. Fill-in your activity or challenge team information. 
 ** FAQ - What type of information should I put on my WIKI page?** ** FAQ - What type of information should I put on my WIKI page?**
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