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The Wiki page template for challenge teams and activity groups starts here:

Challenge Team / Activity Group Name


Describe the purpose for forming your challenge team or activity group in a clear and concise paragraph.

Measure of Success

Describe the stakeholders and the stakeholder expectations or measures of success.

Topic Overview / Description

Summarize the topic the team is working on.


DateMilestoneStatusPoint of Contact
Date TBDMilestone 1Not StartedPerson TBD
Date TBDMilestone 2Not StartedPerson TBD
Date TBDMilestone 3Not StartedPerson TBD

Team Members

NameOrganizationContact Information
Person 1 Organization 1 Contact Info 1
Person 2 Organization 2 Contact Info 2
Person 3 Organization 3 Contact Info 3

Wiki Articles

Organize and list the article deliverables. Stakeholders need to find the deliverable articles through this wiki article organization.

Link to related items such as related organizations, related articles, …

The Wiki template ends here. Edit this page and copy the text into your wiki page. Fill in the information.

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