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MBSE-Related Activities at INCOSE Chapter

Any INCOSE chapter or other group may establish a page like this one to publish or maintain any of their own information related to the INCOSE MBSE Initiative. Please contact one of the MBSE Initiative co-chairs if you would like to have a page like this one set up. This page is for the French Association of Engineering System (AFIS).

This page is maintained by Marco Ferrogalini - Co-Chair of AFIS MBSE WG initiative. E-mail: [email protected]

What is AFIS

The French Association of Engineering System (AFIS) is an association working on the development and promotion of systems engineering in the French industry.

It was founded in 1998 by thirteen major groups: Alcatel Space, Alstom Transport, Dassault Aviation, EADS Airbus, EADS Matra Information Systems, EDF R & D, France Telecom, Giat Industries, PSA Peugeot Citroën, RATP, Snecma Control Systems , Technicatome and Thales. Many of these companies have now changed name and structure.

The members are either organizations (industrial groups, SMEs and academic and research organizations) or individuals acting in a personal capacity.

End of 2011, 40 members of organization type represent several industrial sectors: aerospace, automotive, transportation, defense, industrial automation, energy, healthcare.

Since its inception, the AFIS is affiliated with an exclusive agreement with the International Council On Systems Engineering (en) (INCOSE), the International Network Systems Engineering, which represents the French chapter.

AFIS - Association Française d'Ingénierie Système.

AFIS MBSE Technical Committee

The AFIS MBSE Technical committee has around 60 members coming from 32 differents academia organizations or companies representing almost all the majors industrial sectors such as Aerospace and Defense, Transportation, Automotive, Tool Vendors and Consulting. It's chaired by Marco Ferrogalini from Alstom Transport and David Lesens from Airbus Group Space and Defense.

The main purposes of the technical committee are to:

  • Promote, improve knowledge and skills of the players around the use of models in systems engineering
  • Share feedback among the various stakeholders
  • Develop specific topics around MBSE

The key principles are the following:

  • Establish a very strong collaboration / integration with the MBSE working groups of INCOSE and the SE DSIG of the OMG
  • Develop projects consistently with the members participation
  • The choice of topics to be developed is made according to the needs of the members and in coordination with others technical committee

2014 Working Groups

Currently three Working Groups are active, the scope is to produce white papers and flyers before December 2014. Hereafter the topics and for each of them a description of the detailed subjects which will be analyzed:

1) Discover and understand the system modelling approach: The scope is to create a common understanding of the system modeling and present “success stories” to help the dissemination and adoption of this methodology in different industrial sectors.

The main topics are the followings:

  • Why MBSE: Added value of MBSE, what is the MBSE at an high level of abstraction
  • What is MBSE: Concepts and principles of MBSE in detail, associated risks
  • How to put MBSE in practice: Treatment of various topics: simulation, traceability, audit, level of maturity, the various implementations (MDA, MBD …), model transformation, operational deployment
  • A selection of success stories
  • MBSE Glossary (e.g. MBSE, model)

WG Leader: Lesens David - Airbus Group Space and Defense ([email protected])

2) Requirements traceability during the architecture definition phase: Present existing solutions “best practices” in terms of processes and tools on the subject tracking and traceability requirements in the phase of “architecture definition”.

The main topics are the followings:

  • Identification requirements in models
  • Capitalization of good practices on requirements
  • Report good “traditional” practices to formalized requirements
  • Work on the perimeter of the architecture to share the same vocabulary
  • Identification of links between requirements and models
  • Link between model specification and architecture model

WG Leader: Raphael Faudou – Samares Engineering ([email protected])

3) Integration of Model Based System Engineering and Product Line Engineering: The idea is to explore and identify of what and how the MBSE approach can make to boost the implementation of the Product Line Engineering approach.

The main topics are the followings:

  • Analysis of use cases and need different industrial sectors
  • Creation of a meta-modele of the concepts proposed from the norms ISO26550
  • Analysis of modeling approaches to the descriptions of the variability
  • Propose an MBSE implementation framework (synergy with WG Discovering and understanding MBSE)including the variability modelling which could be used to model a Product Line.

WG Leaders: Marco Ferrogalini - Alstom Transport ([email protected]) Hugo Guillermo Chale Gongora - Alstom Transport ([email protected])

2014 MBSE Return of experience meeting

The Mai 16th 2014, it has been held an AFIS MBSE event opens to all the AFIS members with the objectives to share real-life experiences on the following main topics related to MBSE:

  • Modelling processes and methodologies
  • Phases of the life cycle covered
  • Type of systems (level of complexity)
  • Return on investments
  • Tools
  • Deployment strategies

Hereafter the speech presented during the event:

AuthorCompanySpeech titleDocument
David Lesens and Marco Ferrogalini - Introductionrex_ct_mbse_-_2014_05_16_introduction.ppt
Jean-Luc VoirinThalesARCADIA: Model-Based Collaboration for System, Software and Hardware Engineeringthales.pdf
Isabelle AmauryMBDA
Marco FerrogaliniAlstom TransportMBSE in the railway industry sector: Alstom ASAP methodologyalstom_transport.pdf
David Lesens and Marc AndréAirbus Defense and SpaceMBSE at Airbus Defense & Space – Space Systems – Launchersairbus_space_and_defense.pdf
Xavier DorelSchneider Electric
Rémi BoutemyNexter SystemsMBSE Return of experience at Nexter

The event has had a great success in terms of participation (around 40 people) with very high quality level of the presented speech which were covering many different industrial sectors. A similar event will be organized once a year in order to keep tracking the evolution of the MBSE approach and deployment in France.

2014 MBSE French Survey

I'm pleased to share with you the results of French MBSE Survey, the initiative with the objective to know the actual insights of Model Based Systems Engineering in France.

It’s composed of 31 open or multiple choice questions on:

  • General modelling (Part I)
  • MBSE practices (Part II)
  • Model driven analysis: simulations (Part III)
  • Model driven analysis: static (Part IV)

The initiative has been launched on beginning of March 2014 with the idea of replicating the same initiative that has been realized in UK one year before (thanks to James Tower, UK Chapter MBSE Leader)

Download the Survey presentation by clicking on this icon –> afis_mbse_survey_2014_-_v4.pdf

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