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Augmented Intelligence in Systems Engineering Challenge Team


The goal of the Augmented Intelligence for Systems Engineering challenge team (AI-SECT) is to further the understanding of how computational approaches, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, can collaborate with human systems engineers to measurably improve the system engineering effort. The challenge team will seek out approaches that enhance human capabilities in systems engineering.

The term “augmented intelligence” avoids the suggestion that technology is intended as a substitute for human involvement, as is often the case for artificial intelligence. Computational approaches can be used to enhance the engineer’s decision making in a transparent fashion and leverage expert knowledge. In contrast to artificial intelligence, which tends towards autonomous and opaque solutions, this group will seek out approaches and best practices for “team play” – where engineer and algorithm can coordinate to develop transparent, traceable, and understandable system designs that are better than either human or algorithmic approaches could develop alone.

In particular, the AI-SECT will focus on Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), due to the availability of well-structured data that facilities collaboration. The AI-SECT will collaborate with other INCOSE working groups, industry, and academia to coordinate on algorithmic capabilities, expert systems, and human computer interactions.


Team Members

  • Challenge Team Lead / POC: Mark Petrotta, SSI, [email protected]
  • Donna Rhodes
  • Jimmie McEver
  • David Daniszewski
  • Jon Wade
  • Frank Salvatore
  • Bill Schindel
  • Troy A. Peterson
  • Mark Sampson

For active development, see:

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