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 ====== Meeting Charts and Notes from DEIX Forums ====== ====== Meeting Charts and Notes from DEIX Forums ======
 **[[mbse:​deix|(Return to DEIX WG Main Page)]]** **[[mbse:​deix|(Return to DEIX WG Main Page)]]**
 +===== 2021 ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 Plenary Meeting =====
 +**Location**:​ Virtual
 +|12/07/2021 |{{:​mbse:​deix:​ISO-IECJTC1-SC7_AHG_6_Digital_Engineering_Initial_Report-v1.pdf| ISO Digital Engineering Initial Report}}|{{:​mbse:​deix:​ISO DEIXWG Presentation 20211206.pptx|ISO Digital Engineering Presentation}}|Celia Tseng|
 ===== 2021 DEIX Community Meeting ===== ===== 2021 DEIX Community Meeting =====
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