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Digital Engineering Information Exchange Challenge

What is the DEIX Challenge? As the industry migrates into Digital Engineering, the amount of data that must be managed, correlated, and exchanged easily overwhelms. In order for the transformation to Digital Engineering to be worth the cost, actionable knowledge has to be synthesized from various kinds of models and other sources of digital information.

The INCOSE/NDIA Digital Engineering Information Exchange Working Group (DEIXWG) is soliciting participants for its Digital Engineering Information Exchange Challenge kicking off in July 2020 and culminating in the unveiling of challenge submissions at the 2020 NDIA Systems and Mission Engineering Conference. The DEIX Challenge is an opportunity for anyone interested in Digital Engineering/Transformation from across Government, Industry, and Academia to help shape the future of Digital Engineering. DEIX Challenge Submissions are to be built upon a DEIXWG-provided Digital Viewpoint Model and should include proposed notional Digital Views that could be used for providing and consuming Digital Information pulled from multiple Digital Artifacts. Successful DEIX Challenge Submissions will involve developing novel ways to synthesize and fuse Digital Information from a collection of SysML, Matlab, MCAD, FEA, and other types of Digital Artifacts into a Digital View that addresses a participant-created scenario of specific perspectives and needs.

Link to NDIA 2020 Virtual Systems and Mission Engineering Conference:

Please download and review the challenge files for challenge details and submission instructions. Interested participants can email Sean McGervey ( for any questions and comments regarding the challenge.

DEIX Challenge - Important Dates

  • November 10, 2020: Challenge Outbrief at Virtual 2020 NDIA SME Conference
  • November 13, 2020: Deadline for Final Submissions for DEIX Challenge
  • November 20, 2020: Challenge Results Outbrief Zoom Session (2-4pm EST)

DEIX Challenge Outbrief

DEIX Challenge Files

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