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   * November 20, 2020: Challenge Results Outbrief Zoom Session (2-4pm EST)    * November 20, 2020: Challenge Results Outbrief Zoom Session (2-4pm EST) 
-==== DEIX Challenge ​Question and Answer Sessions ​==== +==== DEIX Challenge ​Outbrief==== 
-To assist Participants in crafting their submissions,​ the DEIXWG Leadership Team will be holding virtual “office hours” over Zoom™ every other Friday from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM ET, starting August 14th, 2020. +Video link: https://​​rec/share/​lHu43jC9XEHUiTXK4P_JpYpMjasn5tRSQfm4Uyd6us7TxCQGVnEMhiI4XGUnq97p.hhhv9IUx3yhHaa15?​startTime=1605899240000  
-Zoom link: https://​​j/92961300408+
 ==== DEIX Challenge Files ==== ==== DEIX Challenge Files ====
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