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Digital Viewpoint Model (DVM)

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The objective of the DVM concept model is to characterize the content and relationships involved in the exchange of digital artifacts and its curation for stakeholder use and consumption. The Digital Engineering Information Exchange Working Group (DEIX WG) developed this concept model to describe the interactions and challenges of exchanging a diverse set of information in a digital environment.

The DVM Concept Model captures high-level concepts needed to describe the definition and relationships for digital information exchange. It is divided into four main concepts: digital artifact, digital view, process, and stakeholder. The concepts are related to each other and provide a common language for specifying the content of a digital view for user consumption within a digital engineering ecosystem.

See DEIXPedia page for glossary definitions of the terms used in this DVM concept Model [DEIXPedia]

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DVM Concept Model - Cameo model file

DVM Common Library - Cameo model file

DVM User Story Example: Retrieve Testing Report - Cameo model file

DVM User Story Template - Cameo model file

DVM Concept Model Overview

DVM Modeling guidelines

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