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Digital Artifacts Challenge Team

The International Council on Systems Engineering’s (INCOSE) International Workshop (IW) 2017 highlighted the need to establish an accepted set of Digital Artifacts to help the Systems Engineering (SE) practice transform to a more model-based discipline. Participants made requests to the INCOSE SE Transformation Team and the Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Initiative to start a more enduring “Digital Artifacts” effort. INCOSE recommended standing up a Digital Artifacts Challenge Team.


The purpose of this challenge team is to advance the understanding & acceptance of a finite set of Digital Artifacts that industry can institutionalize


This effort will seek to identify and describe Digital Artifacts required to support the entire life cycle of a system or product to include: Engineering activities, Life cycle phase transition, Manufacturing process, Collaboration between domains, Business processes, Etc.

Our high level plan is to:

  • Start-up team membership with other interested team members, sharing the charter and gaining acceptance
  • Bring team membership to a common level of Digital Artifacts understanding
  • Hold Digital Artifact working sessions and collaborate with other working groups to elicit Digital Artifacts
  • Create and validate targeted Challenge Team products
  • Make Challenge Team products available to INCOSE membership

Team Members

Barley, Nathaniel Engility [email protected] Coleman, John Engility [email protected] Gans, Howard Harris [email protected] Gilbert, Tracee Systems Innovation [email protected] Hale, Joe NASA [email protected] Hecht, Bruce Analog Systems [email protected] Hobbart, William Boeing [email protected] Hoheb, Al Aerospace [email protected] Howell, Darryl Powell Consulting Group Kukkala, Geethesh Engility [email protected] Mason, Keith Harris [email protected] Massa, Chris Draper Labs [email protected] Nieman, George Lockheed [email protected] Palmer, John Boeing [email protected] Reubi, Christine Engility [email protected] Salvatore, Frank Engility [email protected] Schreiber, Chris Lockheed [email protected] Shortell, Thomas Lockheed [email protected] Steiner, Rick [email protected] Stoddard, Blake Engility [email protected] Torok, Jon USN [email protected] Tseng, Celia Raytheon [email protected] Wallace, Melissa General Atomics [email protected] Wang, Gan BAE [email protected] Sohlke, Jason JHU/APL [email protected] Reddy, Peter SSC Atlantic [email protected] Dillow, Bob Engility [email protected] Greene, Gary Engility [email protected] O’Shea, Ashley Boeing Ashley.r.o’[email protected] Luczywell, April Lockheed [email protected] Malins, Bob Summit Technology [email protected] Long, David ViTECH [email protected] Russell, Mike MITRE [email protected]

INCOSE IW 2018 Summary

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