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MBX/Digital Ecosystems / OpenMBEE Workshop & Related Challenge Team Aspects at IW23

This page summarizes what the INCOSE Digital Ecosystems (DECO) Challenge Team organized for IW23.

Specifically, here is what we did for INCOSE IW23 meeting (a hybrid virtual event occurring online and in Torrance CA), as part of the INCOSE MBSE Initiative and its IW23 MBSE-related events:

  • MBX/Digital Ecosystems Challenge Team status update - as of Jan 2022 as part of the INCOSE MBSE Initiative Workshop at IW22 (not updated for IW23):
    • Presenters: Russell Peak (Georgia Tech) et al.
    • NOTE: The above content is from the 2022 workshop, and it is still reasonably accurate as of Jan 2023.
  • MBX/Digital Ecosystems & OpenMBEE Workshop - Mon Jan 30 and Tue Jan 31, 2023:
    • 2023 workshop agenda: [ agenda and proceedings as maintained by ].
    • 2023 workshop co-leads: Karina Martinez (Aerospace Corp), Robbie Robertson (Sedaro), Daniel Siegl (LieberLieber), Fatma Karagöz (JPL), Lucas Aviles (Boeing).
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