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System of Systems/Enterprise Modeling

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What's New - 2014

Welcome to the SoS/Enterprise Modeling Activity Wiki Page

Welcome to the SoS/Enterprise Modeling Activity Wiki page sponsored by the INCOSE MBSE initiative.

Please also join us in the LinkedIn group for INCOSE MBSE SoS Enterprise Architecture discussions at: MBSE SoS EA LinkedIn Group

Note: This is an open group, but requires LinkedIn registration…to gain access as a new member please register with LinkedIn (free basic membership) and link to the group above.


The purpose of this activity is to foster interest and participation in the continuing efforts to model enterprise and system of systems level architecture specifications and frameworks. The focus areas include the DoD DODAF 2.0 MetaModeling, NATO NAF Modeling, UK MOD MODAF modeling, OMG UPDM 2.0, the BPMN and BPEL, SOAML, NDIA System of Systems committee efforts and NCOIC Network Centric patterns efforts.

Similar to the Systems Engineering initiatives to evolve away from document based descriptions of systems to a model base descriptions of systems, the SoS/Enterprise modeling focus is on the efforts underway to evolve from a document only description of Architectures, Capabilities, Programmatics, etc. to a more rigorous model based representation of all the perspectives involved in engineering at the SoS and Enterprise levels of abstraction.

As discussed in the Architecting Principles for System of Systems reference, not all System of Systems are alike and come in three broad categories Directed, Collaborative, Virtual with five principal characteristics:

  • Operational Independence of the Elements
  • Managerial Independence of the Elements
  • Evolutionary Development
  • Emergent Behavior
  • Geographic Distribution

Measure of Success

Engage the stakeholders, capture the stakeholder expectations and define the measures of success.

Some Examples of measures for our focus area:

Team MembershipNumber of active team members contributing to Wiki Pages, Discussion Groups and Webinars
2011/2012 WebinarsNumber of webinars in 2011/12 addressing SoS/Enterprise Modeling
Community OutreachNumber of references to INCOSE MBSE SoS/Enterprise Modeling in SE Literature
PublicationsNumber of publications by INCOSE MBSE SoS/Enterprise Modeling membership

Topic Overview / Description

There are many definitions and interpretations of Systems of Systems and Enterprise level analysis, architecting and engineering. For example, one definition of System of Systems includes: “ a class of problems that have unique characteristics, distinguishing them from “classic” systems, for example, unbounded context and usage, potentially emergent behaviors, large number of complex interactions, costly to fully verify and validate a priori…” These unique characteristics have lead the Systems Engineering and Architecting community to investigate new languages and frameworks to help better define these key System of Systems characteristics.

System of Systems Engineering

T. Saunders, et al, in “United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board Report on System of Systems Engineering for Air Force Capability Development” SAB-TR-05-04, July 2005 included the follow table:

SoS Engineering Key Concepts

  • Legacy Systems
  • Dynamic Reconfiguration of Architecture
  • Service Oriented Architecture Enabler
  • Protocols and Standards to Enable Interoperable Systems
  • Added “ilities” or Quality Attributes
  • Federated Acquisition
  • Independent Systems
  • Concept of Operations Critical
  • Ongoing Experimentation
  • Converging Spirals

System of System MBSE Implications


DateMilestoneStatusPoint of Contact
September, 2010OMG UPDM 2.0 SubmissionFirst UPDM 2.0 SubmissionMatthew Hause, Atego; Jim Rice, NoMagic; Graham Bleakley, IBM
September, 2010OMG Architecture Echosystem RFPRFP Approval for IssuanceCory Casanave, Model Driven Solutions
December, 2010OMG Technical Meeting, Santa Clara, CA - UPDM 2.0 RTF SessionsCompletedMatthew Hause, Atego; Jim Rice, NoMagic; Graham Bleakley, IBM
January/February, 2011INCOSE IW Phoenix, AZ MBSE SessionsCompletedSandy Friedenthal, LMCO
January, 2012INCOSE IW Jacksonville, FL MBSE SessionsCompletedSandy Friedenthal
January, 2013INCOSE IW Jacksonville, FL MBSE SessionsCompletedSandy Friedenthal
January, 2014INCOSE IW Los Angeles, CA MBSE SessionsCompletedSandy Friedenthal

Face to Face meetings

DateMeeting typeParticipants
2010-07-12OMG UPDM Team MeetingRon Williamson, Matthew Hause, Len Levine, Jim Rice
2012-DecOMG UPDM Team MeetingRon Williamson, Matthew Hause, UPDM Standards Team
2013-JanINCOSE MBSE Workshop - Jacksonville, FL Ron Williamson, Matthew Hause, Charles Dickerson, Judith Dahmann, MBSE Team


January, 2011SoS/Enterprise Modeling Objectives Ron Williamson
February, 2011UPDM 2.0 Executive Summary Matthew Hause
June, 2011Multi Discipline Model Based Engineering Ron Williamson
January, 2012MBSE Architecture Framework Primer Ron Williamson
September, 2012MBSE Support for SoS “Pain Points” Ron Williamson

Team Members & SoS/Enterprise Modeling Subject Matter Experts

NameOrganizationContact InformationRole / Area of Expertise
Ron Williamson Raytheon [email protected]Team Facilitator, MBE PI, SoS/EA Architect
Matthew Hause Atego [email protected]Team Facilitator, Atego Tool Suite, OMG UPDM Co-Chair & AB Member
NameOrganizationContact InformationRole / Area of Expertise
Leonard Levine DoD [email protected]DoDAF, CADM
Fatma Dandashi Mitre [email protected] DoDAF, Modeling & Simulation
Graham Bleakley IBM [email protected] IBM Rational Rhapsody Tool Suite, OMG UPDM Co-Chair
Terri Wolfram NASA [email protected] NASA Enterprise Architecture Team
Judith Dahmann Mitre TBD INCOSE SoS WG Co-Chair, NDIA SoS WG Chair
Charles Dickerson Loughborough University TBD INCOSE Architecture WG Co-Chair
Lonnie Van Zandt NoMagic TBD NoMagic Tool Suite , OMG UPDM Co-Chair

Topics of Interest

Some of the key efforts underway related to SoS/Enterprise modeling including,

Reference Document Library

Link to related items such as related organizations, related articles, …

2011 International Workshop Slides

2012 International Workshop Slides

2013 International Workshop Slides

2014 International Workshop SoS/Enterprise Architecture Modeling Plans

  • Coordination with SoS Working Group…deferred until SoS WG interest in MBSE identified beyond current academic focus of the WG
  • Coordination with Architecture Working Group…added to 2014 WG follow up tasks with Charles Dickerson as Arch WG POC for MBSE liaison
  • Coordination with Human Systems Integration Working Group…possible interest on Human View Modeling for Architecture Frameworks

External Wiki Articles

Wiki LinkDescription
UPDMUnified Profile for DoDAF/MODAF
SoaMLService Oriented Architecture Modeling Language
BPMNBusiness process Modeling Notation
DoDAFDepartment of Defense Architecture Framework
MODAFMinistry of Defence Architecture Framework
SoSSystem of Systems
SESystems Engineering
ZFZachman Framework
TOGAFThe Open Group Architecture Framework
ATAMArchitecture Tradeoff Analysis Mehtod
QAQuality Attributes

List of Issues / Opportunities

  • Form core membership and initiate active participation
  • Define baseline for focus areas
  • Wiki updates by membership
  • Reachout to other INCOSE Working Groups
  • Reachout to other organizations (NDIA, NCOIC, etc.)
  • Define common terms
  • Build a list of references and bibliography


  • Crossley, W.A., System-of-Systems:, Introduction of Purdue University Schools of Engineering's Signature Area.
  • DeLaurentis, D. “Understanding Transportation as a System of Systems Design Problem,” 43rd AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Reno, Nevada, January 10-13, 2005. AIAA-2005-0123
  • Held, J.M., The Modelling of Systems of Systems, PhD Thesis, University of Sydney, 2008
  • Rechtin, E, System Architecting: Creating and Building Complex Systems, Prentice Hall, 1991
  • Yaneer Bar-Yam and others, The Characteristics and Emerging Behaviors of System-of-Systems in: NECSI: Complex Physical, Biological and Social Systems Project, January 7, 2004.


Utube Videos

Terms and Definitions

  • Architecture: The activity of designing any kind of system
  • Architecture Framework: An architecture framework establishes a common practice for creating, interpreting, analyzing and using architecture descriptions within a particular domain of application or stakeholder community
  • Enterprise Architecture: Enterprise Architecture is the continuous practice of describing the essential elements of a sociotechnical organization, their relationships to each other and to the environment, in order to understand complexity and manage change
  • Meta Model: Defines the language and processes from which to form a model
  • Meta Model: A model is a representation containing the essential structure of some object or event in the real world
  • System: A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole
  • System of Systems: a class of problems that have unique characteristics, distinguishing them from “classic” systems, for example, unbounded context and usage, potentially emergent behaviors, large number of complex interactions, costly to fully verify and validate a priori
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