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IBM Rational Telelogic Harmony-SE


  • Service Request-Driven Approach
    • Described by means of SysML structure diagrams
    • State/mode changes (activities ) described as operational contracts
  • Somewhat mirrors “Vee” model
  • Task flow and work products (artifacts) include following top-level process elements:
    • Requirements Analysis
    • System Functional Analysis
    • Architectural Design
  • Detailed task flows and work products provided for each process element
    • Modeled as SysML activity diagrams

Tool Support

  • Harmony-SE (and Harmony) were created as tool- and vendor-neutral, model-based methodologies. No process framework tool exists from IBM Rational/Telelogic or third-party provider.
  • Tool support for MBSE that supports the methods specified by Harmony-SE and Harmony is, of course, provided by IBM Rational/Telelogic via the Tau and Rhapsody product offerings.


  • Harmony-SE/SysML Deskbook has been published to help guide the systems engineer and project manager through the entire MBSE methodology. In addition, IBM Rational/Telelogic offers professional services to support methodology adoption.


  • Hoffmann, Hans-Peter, “Harmony-SE/SysML Deskbook: Model-Based Systems Engineering with Rhapsody,” Rev. 1.51, Telelogic/I-Logix white paper, Telelogic AB, May 24, 2006.

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