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INCOSE IW 2016 Healthcare Working Group Agenda

===== Session Title: MBSE Concepts Applied to a Hospital Emergency Department


  • Emergency Departments (EDs) provide 11% of all outpatient visits and are the entry portal for roughly 1/2 of all hospital admissions (Am. College of Emergency Physicians, 2012). Therefore ED efficiency and effectiveness is critical to the overall healthcare system. This makes EDs an ideal candidate for evaluating the “system approach” that systems engineering can provide to healthcare.

Last Year's Primer document


The healthcare track at the INCOSE International Workshop will bring together clinicians, healthcare simulation experts, medical device manufacturers, and systems engineers to evaluate and refine an emerging systems engineering modeling approach to healthcare operations. The workshop will provide …

  • Clinicians and hospital administrators with a new perspective on representing the many interactions and dependencies within a hospital department
  • Medical device manufacturers with a new tool for analyzing the use conditions within an ED that impact device design and safety
  • Healthcare simulation experts with an approach to a common framework for developing simulations and comparing results across multiple simulation types
  • Clinical engineers and systems engineers with a deeper understanding of how to tailor for healthcare the systems engineering tools developed by other industries


Session 1 - SE/MBSE for the ED: Stakeholder Session - Saturday (13:30 - 17:00)

  • ED stakeholder and clinician perspectives and needs
  • Discussion topics:
    • How does the ED operate?
    • How does the ED interact with other hospital services?
    • What are the key metrics for ED operations?
    • What are the key bottlenecks hindering ED operations?

Session 2 - SE/MBSE for the ED: System Engineers Session - Saturday (08:30 - 12:00)

  • Systems engineering approach to analyzing ED operations and device use conditions
  • Discussion topics
    • What are the current approaches to healthcare systems engineering?
    • How do these approaches respond to the stakeholder needs of session 1?
    • What do device manufacturers need from healthcare systems engineering products?
    • How well can systems engineering – and model-based systems engineering in particular – respond to stakeholder and device manufacturer needs?
    • How can systems engineering/model-based systems engineering be better applied in the context of healthcare operations?

Session 3 - SE/MBSE for the ED: System Simulation Session - Sunday (13:30 - 15:00)

  • Applying systems engineering models to integrate physical and computer simulations
  • Discussion Topics
    • What kinds of healthcare topics are addressed with system simulations and models?
    • What are the issues in creating tangible actions from modeling results?
    • What are the common features: SE models & system simulations?
    • How can SE/MBSE work with process models to improve healthcare?


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