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IBM Rational Unified Process for Systems Engineering (RUP-SE)


  • Extends RUP style of concurrent design and iterative development to support SE in Model-Driven Systems Development (MDSD)
    • New roles, e.g., systems engineers
    • New artifacts & disciplines, e.g., security, training, logistics
  • Emphasis on business modeling, business actors and flow of events to adequately define system reqts
  • Viewpoints for SE, i.e., model levels and model viewpoints
  • Introduces concept of locality — Member of system partition representing generalized or abstract view of physical resources; linked by connections (M. Cantor)
  • Scalability enhancements where each subsystem coupled w/locality has own derived reqts
    • Allocated vs derived reqts — locality/subsystem is allocated if fulfilling system reqt; is derived if identifyed by studying how collaborates with other to meet system reqt
    • Subsystem-level flowdown activity via use-case flowdown activity and flow of events in “white-box view of system
  • Support for designing additional components (e.g., H/W) in addition to RUP S/W focus

Tool Support

  • A process framework tool does exist to support RUP-SE and is available via the RUP-SE plugin for the Rational® Method Composer (RMC) product offering from IBM Rational® software.
  • Direct MBSE tool support is provided by IBM through its Rational® suite of tool offerings that support analysis, modeling, design, and construction, which is a collection of early IBM Rational tools plus those adapted from IBM Rational's acquisition of the Telelogic® family of systems development products (e.g., DOORS®, Tau®, Rhapsody®, System Architect®).


  • Given the breadth, depth, and complexity of the RUP-SE methodology, it is recommended that adoption and tailoring of the RUP-SE methodology be supported through IBM professional services.
  • A textbook by P. Kruchten exist for the baseline RUP® methodology that details core tenets and elements of the methodology and provides tailoring guidelines (see Resources below). Such a companion text does not yet exist for RUP-SE, at least not at the time of this survey.


  • Kruchten, Philippe, The Rational Unified Process: An Introduction, Third Edition, Addison-Wesley Professional: Reading, MA, 2003.

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