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INCOSE 2014 MBSE Workshop Breakout Session

MBSE Education and Research

  • Moderator - Chris Paredis


  • To identify opportunities and challenges in MBSE Education and Research
    • Education: How and to what extent should MBSE be included in SE curricula?
    • Research: Which opportunities? How? Funded by whom?


  • This presentation summarizes the discussion from the breakout sessions.


Session 1 - Saturday, 15:45-17:30 -- Focus on Education

  • Overview of SE curricula based on GRCSE (Graduate Research Curriculum for SE)
  • Discussion on MBSE vs. SE curricula:
    • What are the differences in the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) needed for MBSE vs. traditional SE?
    • What is the relative importance that should be attributed to Knowledge, Skills and Abilities in the curriculum?
    • How can these KSAs best be introduced in the curriculum?
    • How do we best assess MBSE proficiency?
  • 15 min before the end: review and capture key points for Outbrief
  • Presentation Template for guiding and recording discussion

Session 2 - Sunday, 13:45-15:00 -- Focus on Research

  • Brief recap of Research Opportunities in SE in general (covered in presentation by C. Paredis, during plenary session.)
  • Discussion on MBSE-specific research opportunities and challenges
    • What are some fundamental scientific challenges relevant to MBSE?
    • How could future advances in enabling technologies affect MBSE? Which future advances are most significant and exciting?
    • What are significant gaps in current MBSE capabilities that require further research?
    • How can we distinguish good MBSE research from bad? How do we validate research results?
    • Who should fund MBSE research? What is the role of industry in funding MBSE research?
  • 15 min before the end: review and capture key points for Outbrief

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