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INCOSE 2014 MBSE Workshop Breakout Session

MBSE and Government


  1. To identify advantages and disadvantages of implementing MBSE in all levels of government
  2. To identify challenges (difficulties and roadblocks) in implementing MBSE in government
  3. To identify possible approaches for implementing MBSE in government
  4. To identify ‘good practice’ examples of MBSE implementation in government, noting the inherent conservatism of most government agencies (at all levels)


Session 1 - Saturday, 15:45-17:30

  • Identify advantages and disadvantages
  • Identify challenges (difficulties and roadblocks)

Session 2 - Sunday, 13:45-15:00

  • Identify possible approaches
  • Identify ‘good practice’ examples
  • 15 min before the end: review and capture key points for Outbrief

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