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INCOSE 2015 MBSE Workshop Breakout Session

Session Title: MBSE for Automotive


  • Foster a discussion among automotive and related teams (e.g. off-highway & commercial vehicles, personal mobility solutions, etc…) specific to our industry
  • Learn about and discuss early experiences in deploying and integrating architectural/descriptive modeling with well-established analytical modeling through the Vee
  • Facilitate exchange between automotive participants and learn from others who have experienced the same in similar industries


  • Where does the Automotive industry want to be in 2025 (or beyond) and how can MBSE help (or hurt) that


Session 1 - Sunday (13:00 - 16:00)

  • Introductions & Breakout Goals «10 min»
  • Presentation 1: Manas Bajaj (InterCAX) - Integrating Models & Apps Across the Vee for MBSE «20 min»
    • This presentation will give a sampling of benefits MBSE can provide by establishing the right relationships to enable a multi-vectored traversal of the Systems Vee that adds value to oranizations beyond just a Systems Engineering team.
    • Questions / Discussion «15 min»
  • Presentation 2: Ford Motor Company - Starting an Automotive Vision 2025 «15 min»
    • This presentation will provide an overview of the plans, timing, and next steps toward tailoring a domain-focused version of the Vision 2025 A World in Motion briefing for automotive.
    • Open Discussion Topics:
      • Vision 2025 for Automotive: SWOT «45 min»
        • How can an Automotive 2025 Vision effort provide value to your org?
        • What would be the most beneficial scope of “Automotive”? (consumer, commercial, agricultural, off-highway, personal mobility)
        • Where do we want to be in 10 years?
        • What are the gaps to being/getting there?
        • What are the threats/opportunities?
  • Coffee/Restroom Break «5 min»
  • Presentation 3: George Walley - Experiences from Ford «20 min»
    • This presentation will briefly share some of the experiences, lessons learned, and direction deployment of model-based SE methods and disciplines at Ford.
    • Ice-Breaker Discussion Topics:
      • What will success look like? And (how) can we measure it?
      • How to avoid architectural modeling from being an end of its own? «15 mins>
      • Specification Exchange: Models as Specs: «15 min»
        • What is the purpose/value proposition?
          • Internally (i.e. within an OEM, Tier X supplier, etc…)
          • Externally (between OEM ←→ Tier X Suppliers)
        • What do/would we need to make this feasible?
          • Internally
          • Externally
  • Out-brief preparation «20 min»

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