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INCOSE 2015 MBSE Workshop Breakout Session

Session Title: Model Lifecycle Management


  • The focus for this session is on user experience and current best practices addressing model version/variant and configuration management and design collaboration on complex projects.


  • There are two sessions planned, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Each session is nominally the same in terms of subject, but will feature different speakers (we could not schedule everyone in a single session).
  • Each session will feature a presentation of a “user' experience in MLM as well a several presentations from tool vendors demonstrating how their solution address MLM challenges.
  • Vendor presentations will be based on a common “scenario”, much like the INCOSE tool vendor challenge. A description of the scenario can be found here Configurable UAV Scenario


Session 1 - Saturday (13:00 - 16:00)

  • User talk - Model Management Challenges in complex, highly collaborative MBSE project at Lockheed Martin - Steven W. Mitchell, LM Fellow, LM Master Systems Architect « 30 min » model_management_challenge_brief_v2.pdf
  • cUAV scerario introduction, Gavin Arthurs, IBM «10 min»
  • Siemens PLM Demonstration - Gerry Deren and Dave Mullins «40 min»
  • PTC Demonstration - Matthew Hause, Mills Ripley «40 mins»
  • NoMagic Demonstration - Kent Laursen «40 min»
  • Open Q&A and discussions «20 min»

Session 2 - Sunday (13:00 - 16:00)

  • User talk –Open source solution for model-management relying on the Eclipse Modeling Framework- Harald Eisenmann, Expert System Modeling and Simulation, Airbus Defense and Space « 30 min »
  • cUAV scerario introduction, Gavin Arthurs, IBM «10 min»
  • Dassault Systems Demonstration – Gauthier Fanmuy, Greg Patzner « 40 min »
  • IBM Demonstration - Gavin Arthurs «40 mins»mlm_incose_iw2105_ibm.pdf
  • InterCAX Demonstration - Manas Bajaj «40 mins»
  • Open Q&A and “What is next?” discussion «20 min»
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