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Tentative/ Hypothetical Plans for future INCOSE IS

Host an MBSE Showcase

Not within the routine Vendor/ Exhibitor Hall… but rather a one-day “Science Fair” exhibition wherein Challenge Teams, Activity Leads, and Tool Vendors can set-up PCs with projectors and display screens in a small exhibit hall, demonstrating their accomplishments and best in class modeling to the greater INCOSE community.

  • Reserve a ballroom or other exhibit space that could be used to showcase MBSE Modeling.
  • Set-up tables with power and network or wireless access.
  • Project teams bring PCs/laptops and projectors or large enough screens to demonstrate their modeling activities.
  • There would be no “exhibit booth” - just a table and projection screen (if needed) with chairs for guests.

MBSE Showcase would be open from after a Plenary session until evening activities - allowing general INCOSE membership to stop by and visit throughout the day. Chairs provided in general seating area in center of exhibit space - pull to side to sit and chat if folks more interested in further dialog. Otherwise, mostly standing or casual wandering through exhibit area (like you see at a typical Science Fair!)

Maybe assign specific time slots for exhibitors to showcase their accomplishments in a semi-formal setting.

Action Plan

  • Need Challenge Team and Activity leads and vendors to commit and reserve space.
  • Need to check with IS planning team to see if space available

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