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INCOSE Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method (OOSEM)


  • Integrates top-down (functional decomposition) approach with model-based approach
  • Leverages object-oriented concepts
    • Uses OMG SysML (formerly UML) to support specification, analysis, design and verification of systems
  • Intended to ease integration w/object-oriented S/W development, H/W development, and test
  • Includes following activities:
    • Analyze Stakeholder Needs
    • Define System Requirements
    • Define Logical Architecture
    • Synthesize Candidate Allocated Architectures
    • Optimize and Evaluate Alternatives
    • Validate and Verify System
  • Tool- and vendor-neutral

Tool Support

  • INCOSE OOSEM was created as tool- and vendor-neutral, model-based methodology. A dedicated process framework tool for OOSEM does not exist; however, there has been discussion (J.D. Baker, private communication) that an Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) version of OOSEM exists.
  • Tool support for OOSEM can be provided by COTS-based OMG SysML tools and associated requirements management tools. Other tools required to support the full system lifecycle should be integrated with the SysML and requirements management tools, such as configuration management, performance modeling, and verification tools. Note, however, this is true for any methodology.
  • A more complete set of OOSEM tool requirements is provided in the referenced OOSEM tutorial (see Resources for this methodology below).


  • The OOSEM tutorial and training materials are available on the INCOSE Connect site under the INCOSE OOSEM WG page. Note: Access requires INCOSE membership.
  • Unlike other industry-provided MBSE methodologies, OOSEM is not a formal offering that can be purchased from any specific vendor, including professional services. Support services may be available by contacting representatives of the INCOSE OOSEM Working Group.


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