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JPL State Analysis (SA)


  • JPL-developed methodology that leverages model- and state-based control architecture
    • state — representation of momentary condition of evolving system
    • models – describe how state evolves
    • state variables — abstractions representing “knowledge” of state
      • Known state of system is value of its state variables at time of interest
  • Together, state and models supply what is needed to operate system, predict future state, control toward desired state, & assess performance
  • SA methodology defines iterative process for state discovery & modeling
    • Allows models to evolve as appropriate across project lifecycle
    • SA reqts process helps bridge gap between requirements on software specified by systems engineers
      • Mission Data System (MDS) — embedded software architecture designed to provide multi-mission information and control architecture for robotic exploration spacecraft
    • SA information compiled in “State Database“

Tool Support

  • Tool support for State Analysis (SA) is provided by the State Database [55], which utilizes a Structured Query Language (SQL)-compliant relational database management system (RDBMS) such as Oracle® with a front end user interface. This tool supports developing, managing, inspecting, and validating system and software requirements capture as part of the SA process.


  • State Analysis (SA) is a JPL-developed MBSE methodology and the offering is available by means of a series of courseware and tutorials offered by SA experts. These courses are offered through JPL Professional Development on a periodic, as-needed basis, or through reimbursable contract

agreements with industry partners. As part of the hands-on exercises, access to the State Database tool and supporting training in use of the tool is provided.


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