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MBSE Communications

Enabling VoIP on LiveMeeting Call

  1. After LiveMeeting begins, select the “Voice & Video” option.
  2. Then select “Options | Connect Telephone and Computer Audio”
    • This will establish the link between your PC and teleconferencing server
    • Make sure the Dialing Keys are using either the Leader Code (for presenter) or Participant Code (for attendee). At least one caller in the conference must be using the Leader Code for all to join. So, if you are the presenter - and you're using VoIP, this MUST have the Leader Code!
  3. Select “Connect” to make the connection - be patient, it make take a minute or two!
  4. Once connected, select “Done”.
  5. Return to the “Voice & Video” selection and make sure the “Telephone” icon is off the hook! If not, select it to enable your PC to join your headset to the audio conference.
  6. You can now control your headset/ mic volume and mute/unmute your microphone from the controls on the LiveMeeting menu bar.

Configuring LiveMeeting with Course Registration and Attendance

To create a LiveMeeting event that includes registration and attendance reporting (like seen in MBSE Webinars), configure the event as follows:

Configure the Event

  1. Select View 'Public Events' from your LiveMeeting Home portal.
  2. To create a new LiveMeeting event, select 'New Event', which accesses the Create Event page
  3. Enter the course title and description.
  4. Select “The event has 'LiveMeetings'.
  5. Select Registration Approval for:
    • Manual - you will need to manually grant permission for each guest to attend your course/event
      • Use this selection if the invitation distribution may be uncontrolled.
    • Automatic - the LiveMeeting service will automatically send each guest the access codes following registration
      • Use this selection if the invitations are distributed to a specific target audience.
  6. Select “Make the Event Public” 'only' if you desire that the event information be published in the Microsoft LiveMeeting event listing - which is a publically accessible listing.
  7. Complete the Event Details:
    • Configure a 'Registration Form' to collect information from your guests.
      • At a minimum, collect First/Last Name and E-mail. This information will be used for attendance records.
    • Registration Questions may be configured to collect:
      • Ideas for Future Topics
      • Awareness of topics, current, events, etc
    • Configure 'E-mail Notifications' (as needed)
    • Configure 'Entry Questions' (as needed)
      • Consider questions that determine whether a guest is prepared for the event, like pre-reading.
    • Configure 'Event Branding' (as desired), which adds a logo graphic and color scheme to the registration page (like the INCOSE or MBSE logo!)
    • Configure event 'Surveys' to collect information from your guests following the event
  8. Create the Event Meeting by selecting 'New Meeting'.
    • This configures the LiveMeeting service for a specific date/time with presenter and participant codes and audio information (visible on the LiveMeeting account Home page as a scheduled meeting.)
    • Review the 'Meeting Details' and make adjustments with 'Meeting Options' as needed.
    • Note: You can create Event Meetings for as many courses/ event sessions as needed. When your guest accesses the registration page, each Event Meeting will be listed for their selection.
  9. Add 'Event Presenters' to grant them presenter access codes and advertise event instructor.
  10. Add 'Meeting Handouts' (as needed).
  11. Add event 'Tests' (as needed).
  12. After configuring the course to your satisfaction, select 'Publish Now' to post your event to the LiveMeeting service.
    • This will access the LiveMeeting Summary page from where you can administer your event.

Adminster LiveMeeting Events

  1. Select 'Preview' to review the Registration, Entry, and Survey pages.
    • These are the pages that your guest will see when they access the LiveMeeting service.
    • Correct these pages as need by returning to the previous Configure instructions.
  2. Select 'Send E-mail' to send invitations for your event to your guests.
    • You can either have the LiveMeeting service send invitations directly to your guests using an address list, or copy/paste the invitation information to your e-mail client.
    • As a miminum, you must send your guests the Registration Link. This will provide them access to the Registration page - which does not give them access to the LiveMeeting event access codes until after they have completed the registration process.
  3. If your event is configured for manual registration, select 'Manage Registrants' to grant or deny access to registrants.
    • Once granted access, LiveMeeting will send your guest an invitation with the required information to attend the LiveMeeting event.
  4. Select 'View Reports' to review a listing of all registered guests, with status information whether the guest attended the event.
    • This page provides attendance information that may be exported to MS Excel (if desired).

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