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-===MBSE ​Reflector Service=== +===MBSE ​Webinars=== 
-The MBSE Community maintains an e-mail reflector to post annoucements and message.  ​To add yourself to the MBSE reflector, visit the [[http://​​group/​incose_mbse | INCOSE MBSE Initiative group]] on Google Groups.+<del>MBSE hosts a webinar on MBSE topics of interest on a periodic basis.  ​For further information on upcoming webinars, visit [[INCOSE MBSE Webinars]].</​del>​
-To send a message to this group, submit your message to +2019-12: ​MBSE Webinars have not been scheduled ​for some time ​Please check the schedule of {{​products-and-publications/webinars|INCOSE ​webinars}} for MBSE-related ​topics.
- +
-===MBSE LiveMeeting=== +
-MBSE maintains a [[http://​​cc/​incose | LiveMeeting]] account ​for use by MBSE projectsTo access ​the account and configure it for your next virtual meeting, use the access keys published on the [[​tb/MnT/​mbseworkshop/​SAWG%20Shared%20Documents/​Planning%20and%20Communication/​MBSE%20LiveMeeting%20Instructions.doc ​| INCOSE MBSE iConnect]] server. +
- +
-For some best practices in use of LiveMeeting see the [[LiveMeeting Tips and Tricks]]. +
- +
-===MBSE Webinars=== +
-MBSE hosts a webinar on MBSE topics ​of interest on a periodic basis. ​ For further information on upcoming webinars, visit [[INCOSE MBSE Webinars]]+
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