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MBSE Human View(point) Modeling Standard for UDPM 3.0 Discussion

Introduction and Context

Welcome to the Human View Modeling discussion wiki page. The intent of the group is to collaborate on a response to the OMG UPDM 3.0 RFP's recommendation for Human Systems Integration (HSI) support in the next UPDM specification focused on a SysML/UML based profile for Human Views. The specific section in the UPDM 3.0 RFP is:

6.6.6 Human Systems Integration (HSI) Submitters may provide support for HSI: this optional requirement for HSI is to examine the abilities contained within the supported frameworks and demonstrate in a non-normative example how HSI can be expressed and/or evaluated. The submission may also identify any capability gaps in this area.

[Note]: The term Human Systems Integration is not universal in its meaning, connotation and denotation. The US DoD Defense Acquisition Guidebook describes Human Systems Integration (HSI) as manpower, personnel, training, environment, safety and occupational health, human factors engineering, survivability, and habitability. These can and should be used to help determine and address the science and technology gaps to address all aspects of the system (hardware, software, and human). There have been various initiatives by the DoD, MOD and NATO to integrate HSI into architectural frameworks. These have all been useful and informative. However, none of these has emerged as an internationally recognized standard or been officially integrated into the corresponding architectural framework.

The schedule for the OMG UPDM 3.0 response is as follows (from the RFP document):

Event or Activity Actual/*Planned Date
Letter of Intent (LOI) Deadline 16 June 2014
Initial Submissions Deadline 18 August 2014
Voter Registration Closes 19 September 2014
Initial Submissions Presentations 16 September 2014
Revised Submissions Deadline 10 November 2014
Revised Submissions Presentations 09 December 2014


Some initial references related to DoDAF, MODAF and NATO Human Views:

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Discussion Topics

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