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INCOSE 2013 MBSE Workshop Model Management Breakout Session

Model Management Mission

Model Management group page provides our group direction, definitions and tracking lists. As a group, please use this page for collaboration and coordination.

Event Coordination

  • Moderator - Brian Brady, MITRE Corporation

Meeting Objectives

  1. Identify sustainable methods for group to exchange information
    1. Establish collaborative networks (mission based)
  2. Network with like-minded colleague's
  3. Level-set the group with the current “state of the art” in Model Management
    1. Establish capabilities baseline directly from industry vendors
    2. Seek understanding of R&D/innovation efforts
  4. Shape the direction of Model Management development and adoption
    1. Set of Use Case
    2. Common Data Dictionary

Event Agenda

Saturday, 1/26/2013 -- EVENT COMPLETE

OBJECTIVE: Establish baseline of understanding of Model Management [of select commercial offerings]…

10:00 – 15:00 Main Workshop Events…
15:15 – 15:30 Introductions and Review Groups Mission and Collaboration methods
15:30 – 17:30 Review Commercial Model Management Approaches from (30 minutes each):
PTC – Derek Piette, Slides: incose_mbse_ws_ptc_final.pdf
Siemens – Mark Sampson, Slides: siemens_tc_mbse_status_01-21-13v2.pdf
IBM – Amit Fisher, Slides: ibm_model_management_-_incose_workshop_jan_26-27.pdf
Intercax – Manas Bajaj, Slides: slim_-_bajaj_-_incose-iw_2013-01.pdf
17:30 – 18:00 Vender Q&A/Panel Discussion

Breakout Session

The following slide describes the objective for each of the Commercial Vendor briefs. Details for each brief came be found in the above table.

Comment: Want to thanks Derek, Mark, Amit and Manas for their briefs. Each presenter articulated the MBSE challenges and expressed a desire to work with the Model Management group to (a) define the challenges and (b) possible solution/implementation approaches that could be employed in support. Specific way-forward discussion was deferred to Sunday.

Sunday, 1/27/2013

OBJECTIVE: Shape the direction of Model Management…

08:30 - 14:00 Main Workshop Events…
14:15 - 15:20 Open Discussion:
(1) Ideal Model Management – Review Use Cases,
(2) Identify Barriers to Success,
(3) Identify Technology Gaps,
(4) Way Forward leveraging Standards/Open Frameworks
15:20 - 15:30 Review Actions, Close Meeting, Safe travels…

Breakout Session

The following slide sets the topics for group discussion.

Notes form the Working Group (WG) session (thanks for Mark Sampson):

What is product truth…?

  • Consonance Agreement: Models should be truth but documents/views will be required.
  • Approach: Treat each model as a view of the super model
  • Challenge: No configuration control of a super model
  • Challenge: For every model/datum, someone is going to have to decide what is truth about a that particular piece of information
  • Challenge: Model is truth and that’s what under configuration, but a document needs to go with it – supporting approval, V&V and legal sign-off. This becomes critivcally important in a prime/subcontractor “shared model” environments.
  • Challenge: Since we can’t manage the whole, we need to control “our” domain. Need to validate against “our model” relitive to the federated collection.
  • Approach: Could validating at the interface level. Believe more validate beyond the I/F will be required.
  • Approach: Looking at total system model might not useful, taking view of a model is what’s useful.
  • Apporach: Parts of the truth will be configuration modeled in different ways
  • Approach: Early in the lifecycle small systems are manageable, but eventually you have to break it up as we move through the lifecycle and systems get bigger. This will require an understanding of interfaces/partitions.
  • Approach: Documentation generation has moved from whole documentation to parts of documents
  • Approach: From a model perspective, you need to manage objects and interfaces; a federated model; an interface management type of problem
  • Approach: Dependency management will be required (in addition to just interface management). Comment: In moving to a federated set of models, the connection/touch-points must be fully explored – with identified exchange patterns.
  • Challenge: Everything is dependent on everything, so you will need to prioritize dependencies
  • Challenge: How do you divide up the model/partition it..


  • Challenge: Super model is not configurable – models in many different tools.

Interesting Investigations:

  • How do we manage documents and manufacturing models today?
  • How do they do it in Software? Other engineering displines?
  • CMII model
  • How is concurrent development managed today?
  • How do you protect competing information today? Comment: Assuming a common truth model being shared with contractors. More the norm vs. the exception.
  • What metadata is required for models to talk?
    • Data vs. Metadata – This will require clean definitions. For now, everyting is data…
    • Challenge: How to extend the data associated with a component without changing it (i.e., a new varient of an object is created in the version tracking system).
  • What are the dimensions of model? Dependencies, version, variant…?

Resulting Actions

The following are the actions resulting from this Model Management WG Session:


  • Start/Focus on simple scenario of model-A(v1) and model-B(v1) that have corresponding dependency. Move to new versions, A(v2) and B(v2). What happens to the dependencies? How are the models managed?
  • Fundamental functions of Model Management
    1. Access control
    2. Version/configuration management
    3. Interface management—including dependencies,
  • Identify next step?
  • Produce a whitepaper on model management:
    • Fundamentals
    • Challenges
    • Integration Patterns/Scenarios
    • Technology Gaps
  • Set up a Model Management group collaboration
    • Planning on using Google Group + Share documents (Google Drive?)
    • Issue invites upon setup
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