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Model Based Test Activity Team


The purpose of this Activity Team is to foster interest and participation in continuing efforts to transform the test domain into a modern model centric enterprise approach to testing of complex systems. The focus areas include using modeling to support life cycle testing of government and commercial complex systems, including system of systems, simulation and test and to embrace system security and information assurance test activities in an integrated test approach for manned and unmanned systems. Certification testing of manned systems is another key focus area. The approach to test modeling is integrated with other models used through the life cycle to support model based systems engineering, software, and hardware.

Measure of Success

Engage the Stakeholders, capture the stakeholder expectations and define the measures of success.

Some Examples of measures for our focus area:

  1. Team Membership: Number of active team members contributing to Wiki Pages and Webinars
  2. 2012 Webinars: Number of webinars in 2012 addressing MBT Activity
  3. Community Outreach: Number of references to INCOSE MBT Activities in Test Literatures
  4. Publications: Number of publications by INCOSE MBSE Test Membership

Topic Overview / Description

Traditionally, test is part of the system engineering domain. The modernization of the SE domain by the introduction of MBSE for the development of complex systems, interoperability and NetCentric operations to improve enterprise performance, collaboration, requirements definition, shorten development times, improve security and configuration management and to better document decisions is well understood. The adoption of a model-based approach to test is a natural result of the requirement for comprehensive test efforts within the limitation of resources and budget. As complexity increases, the corresponding test requirements need the organization, examination, evaluation and collaboration within the test team to fit the time and budget necessary for success of the program.

MBSE Test Activities Key Concepts

  • Modeling of Legacy Approach to Contractor, Development and Operational test activities
  • Dynamic reconfiguration of Test Enterprise Models
  • Model-based approach to the integration of test requirements with system design and performance
  • Use of models to describe system of system test requirements
  • Use of models to describe Key Performance Parameters (KPP’s) and Net Ready Key Performance Parameters (NR-KPPs) and their allocation to system design and test requirements
  • Use of models to test system security and information assurance of interoperable systems


DateMilestoneStatusPoint of Contact
Date TBDMilestone 1Not StartedPerson TBD
Date TBDMilestone 2Not StartedPerson TBD
Date TBDMilestone 3Not StartedPerson TBD

Team Members

NameOrganizationContact Information
Frank Alvidrez Edwards AFB [email protected]
Person 2 Organization 2 Contact Info 2
Person 3 Organization 3 Contact Info 3

Wiki Articles

Organize and list the article deliverables. Stakeholders need to find the deliverable articles through this wiki article organization.

TBD (In Work)

TBD (In Work)

TBD (In Work)

TBD (In Work)

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