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Publications of Team Members

If you or your organization are publishing papers or articles on issues related to Model Lifecycle Management, please consider listing your publications here.

Known Call For Papers

  • INCOSE IS 2016, CFP Deadline November 2015

Publications by Year


  • June, VanZandt, IS 2016

@article{VanZandt_2016, title={Engineering Lifecycle Management. What a bunch of Rhetoric}, abstractNote={The management of engineering lifecycle models involves more than reliably storing and retrieving in a timely manner the usual collections of related, versioned artifacts. Rather, because all selections and deployments of the enterprise depend on some responsible actor making a choice, management includes the more formidable service of providing to decision-making stakeholders arguments that demonstrate the adequacy of contextually-specific solutions to the enterprise's problems. These decision- making stakeholders need dialectical, logical arguments for a proposed system's satisfaction of constraints such as those that are available from adequately formal modeling notations, solvers, and practices. Furthermore, they need rhetorical, persuasive arguments that convince those stakeholders of the aptness of proposals through trust of the proponents and through appeal to common places justifications.}, journal={In Review}, author={VanZandt, Lonnie}, year={2016}}


  • October, VanZandt, ISSE 2015

@article{VanZandt_2015, title={Enabling Rational Decision Making with Provenance-annotated OSLC Relationships}, journal={Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering}, author={VanZandt, Lonnie}, year={2015}}


  • January, Fisher et al, IS 2014

@article{MLMWG*Fisher*Nolan*Friedenthal*Loeffler*Sampson*Bajaj*VanZandt*Hovey_ Palmer*et al.*2014, title={Model Lifecycle Management for MBSE}, volume={24}, url={ tract}, DOI={10.1002/j.2334-5837.2014.tb03145.x}, abstractNote={Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is an evolving practice in the early stages of adoption similar to the mechanical, electrical and software domains 20 to 30 years ago. Today there is increasing recognition of the potential MBSE brings to system life cycle processes with the increasing complexity of systems and the demands of the global marketplace. In order for the practice to realize this potential, system modeling and MBSE must be part of the larger model based engineering effort, and integrate with other engineering discipline models and modeling activities across the life cycle of a system. This is placing increasing demands on the need for Model Lifecycle Management (MLM) as an essential part of an MBSE infrastructure. This paper establishes the motivation for MLM, as well as laying the foundation for addressing challenges that lay ahead. The paper is focused on describing key concepts, requirements, current practices, and future directions of MLM, and setting the basis for more in depth overview of MLM solutions and vendor offering that are beyond the scope of this paper.}, number={1}, journal={INCOSE International Symposium}, author={MLMWG and Fisher, Amit and Nolan, Mike and Friedenthal, Sanford and Loeffler, Michael and Sampson, Mark and Bajaj, Manas and VanZandt, Lonnie and Hovey, Krista and Palmer, John and et al.}, year={2014}, month={Jul}, pages={207–229}}

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