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Stakeholder Analysis

The Open Group “Stakeholder” ⇒ “The individuals and groups within the organization who will contribute to the development of the architecture, those that will gain and those that will lose from its introduction…”

Curated Set

  • Stakeholders are placed here after peer discussion of the Proposed Set

Proposed Set

  • State your proposals here.

(Follow a pattern of [Tag Alias] adjectival-prefixed Noun of a Business Service that describes a Stakeholder's Business Role, not a Title or a Fullname.)

  • [STKH-100] Acquiring Agent.
  • [STKH-200] Enterprise Architect.
  • [STKH-300] Partner Liaison.
  • [STKH-400] System(s) Engineer.
  • [STKH-500] Security Engineer.
  • [STKH-600] Standards Auditor.
  • [STKH-700] Requirements Engineer.
  • [STKH-800] Safety Engineer.
  • [STKH-900] Accountant.
  • [STKH-1000] Product Owner.
  • [STKH-1100] Contracts Manager.
  • [STKH-1200] Acquiring Agent. (aka “Buyer”, “User”, etc.)
  • [STKH-1300] Supplier Agent.
  • [STKH-1400] Ontologist.

Visual Aids

Stakeholder Roles with Decision-making Responsibility

Stakeholder Roles that also have Decision-making Responsibility

Stakeholder Actors with Responsibility for Decision-making Roles

The ArchiMate notation here expresses the idea that Actors (people) are assigned Business Services (job descriptions or responsibilities) that realize one or more Business Roles.

Stakeholder Actors responsible for Decision-making Roles

Definition of Terms

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