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Topical Guide for TIMLM and IW2017

This is not the official agenda. This is a listing of the presentation materials that either will be or that were presented during the TIMLM Working Group's sessions, sorted by the primary topics of each presentation.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

TopicPresenterMaterialsTime HeldRoom
WG Plenary WelcomeJohn Nallon, Lonnie VanZandt, TIMLMWG Co-chairs TIMLMWG Plenary Slides IW2017 13:00 (Saturday) TBD
SAVI, Consistency, Demo Nigel Shaw, PDES SAVI Demo Slides IW2017 15:30 (Saturday ) TBD

Sunday, January 29, 2017

TopicPresenterMaterialsTime HeldRoom
OSLC v3Bill Chown, OASIS OSLC Representative OASIS OSLCv3 Slides IW2017 09:30 (Sunday) TBD
PDES/LOTAR Mark Williams (Boeing) & Nigel Shaw (PDES) PDES/LOTAR MBSE Slides IW2017 10:30 (Sunday) TBD
PDES SE Case Study John Russell PDES SE Interoperability Project Case Study Slides IW2017 13:00 (Sunday) TBD
Boeing, OMG, Issues Mark Williams, Brittany Freidland, & John Herrold Boeing's Model Exchange Issues Using OMG Standards Roundtable Notes 15:30 (Sunday) TBD

Monday, January 30, 2017

TopicPresenterMaterialsTime HeldRoom
Plenary ReviewJohn Nallon, TIMLMWG Co-chair Just reused the Plenary slides 09:00 (Monday) TBD
STEP Overview John Russell & Nigel Shaw AP233/AP239/AP242 Standards Overview Slides IW2017 10:30 (Monday) TBD
MLM WorkshopVanZandt, William Schindel, & Donna Rhodes MLM Workshop Slides IW2017 13:00 (Monday) TBD
MLM WorkshopVanZandt, Schindel, & Rhodes MLM Workshop Slides IW2017 15:30 (Monday) TBD

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

TopicPresenterMaterialsTime HeldRoom
IS Panel PlanningLonnie VanZandt, TIMLMWG Co-chair Just used the CFP Submission 08:00 (Tuesday) TBD
Connect, Website, TrainingJohn Nallon, TIMLMWG Co-chair Just web-surfed Connect 10:30 (Tuesday) TBD
WG Closing Plenary Nallon & VanZandt, TIMLMWG Chairs TIMLMWG Plenary Closing Quad-Chart Slides IW2017 13:30 (Tuesday) TBD

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