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Modeling and Simulation Interoperability (MSI) Challenge Team

The Modeling and Simulation Interoperability (MSI) Challenge Team is one component of the INCOSE/OMG Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Initiative.


The MSI team is advancing how models interact with each other throughout the system lifecycle to benefit stakeholders.

A key subset of this is interconnecting system specification & design models with multiple engineering analysis and simulation models (e.g., interconnecting SysML-based system models with traditional models including CAD, CAE, reliability, costing, programmatics, PLM, and so on).

In this context “models” range from systems-of-systems models to physical component models and all points in between, including associated models for design, analysis, and simulation, as well as manufacturing, operation, and other lifecycle stages depending on the type of systems involved.

Measures of Success

Our main target stakeholders and envisioned measures of success are highlighted here:

Modeling & Simulation End Users (including System Modelers): By learning and applying our team’s patterns and techniques, end users will develop, link, and use models and simulations more effectively (e.g., in ways that are faster, more flexible, more automated, etc.).

Tool Developers: By learning and applying our patterns and techniques, tool developers will develop tools and interfaces more effectively to meet end user needs.

Standards & Specification Developers: By seeing specific examples driven by end user needs, standards developers will have clear illustrations to aid improving current spec versions, as well as enhancements and next-generation advancements for future spec versions.

Topic Overview / Description

Phase 1 (Aug 2007 – Jul 2008)

During Phase 1 our team had these specific objectives:

  1. Define & demonstrate capabilities for advanced modeling & simulation interoperability (MSI)
  2. Test & demonstrate how SysML facilitates effective MSI
  3. Scope
    1. Domain: Mechatronics
    2. Capabilities: Methodologies, tools, requirements, and practical applications
    3. MSI subset: Connecting system specification & design models with multiple engineering analysis & dynamic simulation models

We achieved these objectives and demonstrated associated techniques and tools via a mechatronics-oriented testbed for an excavator system.

Phase 2 (Aug 2008 – Feb 2010)

In Phase 2 we refined and extended these objectives to address key needs (per Phase 1 experiences) in these areas:

  1. Education
  2. Research & development
  3. Productionization / commercialization / deployment
  4. Applications

Specific Phase 2 objectives included these:

  1. Extend modeling & simulation interoperability method:
    1. Generalizations: Graph transformations, variable topology, reusability, parametrics updates, trade study support, inconsistency management, E/MBOM extensions, method workflow, etc.
    2. Specializations: software, closed-loop control, electronics, etc.
    3. Interfaces to new tools: Matlab/Simulink, ECAD, Arena, etc.
  2. Refine requirements for SysML and tools to support enhanced MSI
    1. Provide feedback to vendors and OMG SysML 1.x task forces
  3. Demonstrate extensions in updated testbeds
  4. Define deployment plan and initiate execution
  5. Refine roadmap beyond Phase 2

We achieved most of these objectives (see Phase 2 report) while some were deferred to Phase 3 or later. This time we demonstrated meeting these objectives via various examples, as well as extending the excavator testbed and adding a mobile robotics testbed.

Phase 3 (Mar 2010 – Present)

During Phases 1 and 2 the team scope was largely directed by several common research sponsors. In Phase 3 (Mar 2010 – present) our team has expanded and is more loosely coupled and driven by a wider variety of interests.

Our overall purpose remains the same, and we are seeing exciting progress on a number of fronts. See our INCOSE IW11 presentation for specifics.


DateMilestoneStatusPoint of Contact
2007-01 Initial presentation at IW07 (Albuquerque NM) completed Russell Peak
2008-01 Status presentation at IW08 (Albuquerque NM) completed Russell Peak
2008-07 Status presentation at IS07 (Utrecht, Holland) completed Russell Peak
2008-09 Phase 1 report completed Russell Peak
2009-01 Status presentation at IW09 (Burlingame CA) completed Russell Peak
2009-11 Phase 2 report completed Russell Peak
2010-01 Status presentation at IW10 (Mesa AZ) completed Russell Peak
2010-06 SysML-Modelica draft spec approved for public comment (RFC) completed Chris Paredis
2010-09 SysML-Modelica spec - FTF1 chartered completed Chris Paredis
2010-12 SysML-STK interface - draft1 completed Manas Bajaj
2011-01 Status presentation at IW11 (Phoenix) completed Russell Peak
2011-01 SysML-STK interface - prototype demo at IW (Phoenix AZ) completed Manas Bajaj
2011-09 SysML-Modelica spec - FTF2 chartered completed Axel Reichwein
2012-01 Status presentation at IW12 (Jacksonville FL) completed Russell Peak
2012-11 SysML-Modelica spec v1.0 release completed Axel Reichwein
2013-01 Participation at IW13 (Jacksonville FL) completed Russell Peak
2014-01 Status presentation and related MSI sessions at IW14 (Torrance CA) - Agenda completed Russell Peak
2015-01 Status presentation and related MSI sessions at IW15 (Torrance CA) - Agenda completed Russell Peak
2016-01 Note: There were no MSI sessions held at IW16 - -
2017-01 Status presentation and related MSI sessions at IW17 (Torrance CA) - Agenda completed Russell Peak
2018-01 Open MBX Ecosystems workshop at IW18 (Jacksonville FL) - Agenda completed Russell Peak

IW = INCOSE International Workshop
IS = INCOSE International Symposium
FTF = Finalization Task Force

Team Members

Challenge Team Lead/POC: Russell Peak

NameOrganizationContact Information
Manas Bajaj InterCAX [email protected]
Jeffrey Banks Northrop Grumman [email protected]
Bruce Beihoff Whirlpool [email protected]
Roger Burkhart Deere [email protected]
Sandy Friedenthal self (formerly Lockheed) [email protected]
Nerijus Jankevicius No Magic Inc [email protected]
Sean McGervey Northrop Grumman [email protected]
Leon McGinnis Georgia Tech [email protected]
Chris Paredis Georgia Tech [email protected]
Russell Peak Georgia Tech [email protected]
Axel Reichwein Georgia Tech [email protected]
Dick Welling Boeing [email protected]
Dirk Zwemer InterCAX [email protected]

Wiki Articles

Several of our publications and presentations are available on our team web page for Phases 1-2 located here:

Over time we will add new ones directly onto the Wiki here.

See above web page.

MBSE Challenge TeamCollaboration Aspects
Space Systems Modeling SysML parametrics for FireSAT model, SysML-STK interoperability
Telescope Modeling SysML library elements for reference frame concepts
Biomedical and Healthcare SysML-based examples (e.g., ECMO presentation at IW2014)
MBSE Activity Team Collaboration Aspects
MBSE Usability tbd
Methodology and Metrics Metrics for SysML-based modeling & simulation (e.g., model size, solving time, …)
Model Management SysML parametrics and PLM
Modeling Standards SysML spec, SysML-Modelica mapping spec, UPDM/DoDAF specs
Ontology tbd
System of Systems/Enterprise Modeling Executable interplay between SysML and UPDM/DoDAF (e.g., parametrics)
Other INCOSE Working Groups (WG) Collaboration Aspects
Affordability WG SysML building blocks for cost modeling (e.g., presentation at IW2014)
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